“Undergrad Authorship” – Susan Fernsebner

As a History professor, I am currently designing a digital project within the broader curriculum of a methods course for sophomore and junior History majors. The aim is for this project to introduce students to a range digital tools and allow them to explore their usage while building foundational skills in our subject of study and also digital fluencies. Students will use these skills together in the design of a web resource for a public audience, ideally college students and K-12 viewers. This aspect of the project – specifically, undergraduate authorship of a topical website and its content – is one I’m particularly interested in exploring as element of pedagogy itself.

I’m sharing my own process of designing this curriculum in its early stages and welcome feedback from all who may have an interest.

For more on the subject, my blog is located at DetourAhead – a thread of posts on the topic lies here. You can also learn more about my work more broadly at susanfernsebner.org.