A Million Blue Pages.net is a platform  designed to support the collaborative, networked teaching of House of Leaves. Taking inspiration from Zak Smith’s illustrations for each page of Gravity’s Rainbow, and bearing in mind the distinctively networked textuality of House of Leaves, this website invites users to contribute images, video, audio, text — anything that can be shared on the web — to add to a growing collection of nodes associated with specific pages of the book. Eventually, we hope to account for all 743 pages.

This is a collaboration that includes my seminar students  working alongside students at up to 7 other schools. Currently, these collaborators include Mary Holland (SUNY New Paltz), Steven Lemieux (UT Austin), Chuck Rybak (UW Green Bay), Brian Croxall (Emory), Paul Hurh (Arizona), Peter Katz (Syracuse) and Jeremy Douglass (UCSB).